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Operating/General Fund $250 Donation

Item# GF250
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Product Description

The Operating/General Fund pays for the comprehensive medical care YGRR provides for each of the hundreds of Rescue Goldens we assist every year (veterinary examinations, spaying or neutering, vaccinations, heartworm test and treatment if necessary, blood tests, dental work, diagnostic tests as indicated, biopsies when necessary, geriatric blood profiles for dogs 8 years old and older, medications, etc.). The Operating/General Fund also supports the cost of operating YGRR's first class adoption facility where our homeless Goldens await new homes. Eighty-nine percent of all YGRR operational costs are for direct dog care expenses.

Is there someone in your life having a special birthday, anniversary, or perhaps welcoming a new family member (human or canine!)? You can help them celebrate any joyous occasion with a gift to Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue recognizing this Golden lover. Holidays can also be a perfect time to pay tribute to a friend's or family member's love for Golden Retrievers. Your donation will be acknowledged with a gift card informing the person being honored of your generosity (no amount will be mentioned) and you will receive a thank you card from YGRR.

Or you may wish to remember someone who cherished a Golden during their lifetime or honor a special dog waiting at Rainbow Bridge with a memorial gift to YGRR. This heartfelt remembrance is also acknowledged with a gift card to the friends or the family you designate.

It's easy to make a donation to YGRR. Donations are processed through Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue's webstore, "Golden Goodies."

When you are making a donation in recognition or in memory of a person or dog, please choose a category listed below and the type your message in the space provided (To recognize Alex Smith on his birthday. Or In memory of Alex Smith, beloved companion of John & Mary Smith., etc.) If you would like notification of your gift to be sent to the honoree or to the family of the deceased, as you check out please provide the name and address in the Ship To information section or in the Comment box.

Please note: YGRR's dedicated volunteers will process your donation. You will receive an Invoice in the mail from our online store, Golden Goodies, with information about the charge to your MasterCard or Visa. In approximately 10 to 14 days, our volunteers will send you a thank you card for your donation and if applicable, a notification of your gift (no amount will be mentioned) will be sent to the person(s) you have indicated.

It is impossible to predict which homeless Goldens we will have in our program at the time that you make your donation, but we can promise that the gift you make will enable us to give a Rescue Golden the very best care possible. To read the heartwarming stories of some of the Goldens we have helped, please visit the Rescue Stories section of our website,

Thank you.